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Always offering the best quality of products for the best price, what makes us, choice of the best. It can be achieved by having ethical principles.

We care about our organization as much as our customers because we believe that proper works are only possible with proper organization. In Marmara Malzemecilik, our employees are valuable as much as the products we offer. For us, they are an integral part of production. We appreciate the value of our employees, and we form our staff from the bests. The success of the companies we work with is an achievement for us. The more people they reach and make them content, we feel content. Their customer satisfaction will feedback to us as their satisfaction. This is only possible by offering them products of the best quality. In accordance with our values, we work, produce and offer by being aware of our day-by-day growing goals and responsibilities. We are aware that our work is not limited to what we do in our company. We know that products made from our materials add value to people’s lives from all over the World. Marmara Malzemecilik is the place where the best price and quality are consistent.



Our vision is being the right address for our customers by regarding quality and being the leader of the sector.


Our mission is to keep the satisfaction of our customers and employees at the highest level, fulfill our responsibilities against humankind, the environment, and universal values.



    We follow the brand new technologies about the furniture sector closely. We deliver lawfully produced products with the best quality and price on time. As a result, we keep our customer satisfaction at the highest level.


    We aim to achieve continuous development according to quality system requirements.


    We plan training and maintain their continuity to increase personnel development and productivity.


    We ensure the continuous development and continuity of the quality management system by fulfilling the requirements with the understanding that “Product, service and system quality cannot be compromised”.


Since the day we have been found, we aim to achieve continious development and fullfiling customer needs in Marmara Malzemecilik, where the customer satisfaction is the main principle.

In accordance with this purpose:

  • We improve our processes and ensure sustained relationships by adopting the customer focus principle as our leading principle according to customer needs.
  • We use all of our resources to turn customer feedback into customer satisfaction with the help of our long-term experiences and customer focus principle.
  • To maintain customer satisfaction: we check whether the customer needs are fulfilled, anticipate the possible future customer needs and let our employees know about them, conduct research and development projects, and remove all the discontent about our products.


We provide our top quality services and products by following the “SAFETY FIRST” principle, ground on securing our employees’ ocupational health and safety, and improve the work enviroment.

In accordance with this purpose:

  • We eliminate the risks for the ocupational health and safety,
  • Constantly improve the performance of the occupational health and safety,
  • Fulfill all the lawful requirements to provide safe and healty working enviroment,
  • Provide trainings for our employees and subcontractors to make them aware of their health and safety responsibilities.


The environmental policy of the Marmara Malzemecilk is based on protecting the environment and natural resources, using natural resources efficiently, and supporting the recycling of natural resources. In Marmara Malzemecilik, all the services are submitted according to environmental regulations. We raise awareness for the environmental responsibilities of our employees and subcontractors. We work up to protect the ecological values by conducting research to reduce the adverse effects of our wastes on nature and having the mentality to use the resources efficiently, such as water and energy.

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